Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Haunted Mansion Ride-Thru (Part 1)

Today we are going to continue our tour of Tokyo Disneyland's "Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare" attraction. (To see how the Mansion's exterior get's decorated for the holiday's, click here: Holiday Mansion exterior. And to see the pre-boarding walk-thru portion of the attraction click here: Stretching Room.)

After boarding a Doombuggy, guests immediately ride underneath a stairway with Jack Skellington and Sally above. This is a fully audio-animatronic Jack Skellington figure. As he talks to the guests passing below, Sally turns her head from side to side and Scary Teddy moves up and down out of the package she is holding. (Florida's Mansion has this same stairway and landing, but they don't decorate their mansion for the holidays. In Tokyo's non-holiday version, as well as Florida's Haunted Mansion, a candelabra floats around above the landing at the top of the stairs.)

Next, the Doombuggies turn and go down the portrait hallway....again, very similar to Florida's Mansion, but for the holiday version in Tokyo, the regular portraits are replaced with paintings of characters from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

A few years back, Tokyo Disneyland sold sets of postcards of all the paintings that hang in the hallway. To view scans of these postcards, please see my next post entitled "Holiday Haunted Mansion Ride-Thru (Part 1 - Continued)" or just click (here.)

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