Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some Crappy Mansion Pics

How is that for the title of a post? Doesn't it make you want to move right along to something else on the internet? Well, I must say that I always try very hard to use only quality pics in my posts, but I am trying to do a photo tour of the holiday version of Tokyo's Haunted Mansion, and unfortunately some of my pics just aren't that great....but I thought I would post them anyway rather than skip certain parts of the attraction. That said, here we go......

In my last post we looked at the exterior of Tokyo's Mansion. Now we will take a look on the inside. Upon entering into the foyer, guests get a view of this changing portrait above a fireplace. In the non-holiday version, this would be a portrait of a man (I believe it's Master Gracey....I'm not an expert on the attraction's back just never really mattered to me, I guess). In the holiday version, it is a portrait of Jack Skellington. As the narration plays, snowflakes begin to fall and he slowly changes from Jack Skellington into his alter ego, "Sandy Claws".

Next comes the stretching room. As an interesting side note, Tokyo's Mansion is like Florida's in that the building that houses the attraction is not on the other side of railroad tracks. Since this eliminates the need to lower guests below ground level, all the stretching effects are done from above. The floor does not lower like an elevator and there is no seam or crack to step over when entering the stretching room...the floor inside is continuous with the floor out in the foyer. As for the visuals in this room, they are pretty much identical to Anaheim's mansion for both the holiday and non-holiday versions (For Mansion diehards however, the wallpaper is a different color!).

Next comes the loading room. The loading setup is pretty much identical to Florida's. There are no changing portraits, and no busts that turn and watch you walk by like in Anaheim's Mansion. On the other side of the loading area is a wall and three huge urns. For the holiday version, "pumpkin snowmen" are placed on top of these urns along with wreaths, garlands and strings of orange lights.

In my next post, we will board a Doombuggy and take a look at more shots of the Mansion's interior.
I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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... But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

Don't worry, the title of this post is pretty much how I feel about Holiday Mansion. Nice work!