Friday, June 7, 2019

Grad Nite '82 at Disneyland

Well, we're approaching the end of the school year and that means Grad Nites have already started. Unfortunately, there are no longer any "private-party" Grad Nites at Disneyland. Instead, the graduates have their Grad Nites at California Adventure. I don't think it would be the same having a Grad Nite over there, but maybe the kids these days, don't mind.

I remember being really excited about my Grad Nite. This poster went up inside the trophy case at my high school, once the Grad Nite tickets went on sale. I asked one of the secretaries in the Administration Office if I could have the poster when they were done with it, so she wrote my name and phone number on the back of it. I had forgotten all about it after graduation, but she ended up calling me in the middle of the summer and told me that if I still wanted it, to come to the school and pick it up!

This was the form for ordering tickets:

The tickets came with this brochure explaining the dress codes for the evening.

They don't even make the kids get dressed up for Grad Nite anymore! Why did we have to do it? And when did they stop requiring that?

It only cost $11.00 for a whole night at Disneyland (until 5:00 a.m.!)

More dress guidelines were listed on the back of the ticket:

The price of the ticket included a deluxe program:

Bertie Higgins was not appearing the night of our Grad Nite, so we didn't get to "...sail away to Key Largo!" Sister Sledge was appearing on the floating River Stage out in front of Tom Sawyer Island. I remember they changed the lyrics in their song, "We Are Family," from "I got all my sisters with me," to "The Class of '82 is free!" The only other performer that we saw that night was Tommy Tutone, whose song, "867-5309/Jenny" had gone to #4 on the Billboard chart the previous month.

They were giving out an Entertainment Flyer at the gate with the same cover as the deluxe program:

The cost of the ticket, also included a Grad Nite photo with a Disney character.

I'm not sure why Donald wasn't wearing a cap and gown, like the other characters were. Maybe it has something to do with him not ever wearing pants?

The souvenir photo came in a cardboard frame/holder:

This was the address label that you had to fill out so they could mail the photo to you.

And here's the envelope that the photo arrived in:

The photo came with a form to order additional copies. (I saved EVERYTHING!)

Other than the entertainment and having our pictures taken, the only other memory I have from that night, is getting VERY tired around 3:00 a.m.! Instead of finding a bench somewhere to rest, we decided to go ride the Disneyland Railroad. Since there isn't a point where they ever force you to disembark (like on other attractions), we just stayed on the train and rode it around the park, over and over again!

I also bought a few souvenirs that night. In addition to the pin-back button that we saw at the beginning of this post....

....I also bought a Grad Nite T-Shirt:

And a Grad Nite pennant:

And a Grad Nite Winnie the Pooh plush:

A plastic "Grad Nite '82" mug was also available, but for some reason, I did not purchase one.



Back in 2011, I did a vintage trip report about my eighth grade graduation trip to Disneyland. If anyone is interested in reading that post, here is the link: Eighth Grade Disneyland Trip

Congratulations, to all of the graduates out there!

****Post Update (June 15, 2019)****

I just came across some "non-Disney" graduation goodies and decided to add them to this post.

This '82 Avon pomander was just one of the things my mom gave me for graduation. It was made of a hard plastic and came in the shape of the "'82" pictured on the box. The outside of the plastic was covered with a rubbery material, infused with the scent of "Herbal Mist," whatever that is! It had a blue cord and tassel and it hung in my car until it got very faded and sticky! For that reason, I did eventually throw it out, but I have kept the box that it came in, for all these years.

One of the gifts that my aunt and uncle gave me, was this "Class of '82" mug, which was made by PAP√ČL. I was actually given a second one of these (with red lettering), by one of my teachers. I had been a "teacher's aide" for her, during the last semester of my senior year.

About halfway through my senior year, Josten's Inc. sent this order form to all seniors. I ordered the graduation announcements, name cards, "thank you" notes and a "senior key."

Here is my "senior key."

I checked online, and Josten's Inc. is still in business today. According to Wikipedia, "Jostens is the primary supplier of Super Bowl rings, and has made 31 champion rings in the Super Bowl's 50-year history, through 2017." They also still make their traditional "Senior Keys." However, now the price for just the key (without an accessory), is $31.00, as opposed to the $6.00 that I paid back in 1982.