Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Haunted Mansion Ride-Thru (Part 6)

This is the last post of my Tokyo Holiday Haunted Mansion series! The first two pics are from the graveyard and they look like they could be right out of Anaheim's holiday version. The only difference....the giant pumkin angel in the photo below actually has a blast of air come out of his horn as you pass under it. Anaheim's is lacking the air effect.

Next, we enter the crypt and see Lock, Shock and Barrell popping up out of packages in the spot where the hitchhiking ghosts normally stand. In Anaheim's holiday version, this is where Oogie Boogie stands and spins his wheel. Anaheim originally had a different scene in this spot before Oogie Boogie was added. (That scene can be viewed here over at Remember, Anaheim's Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction has had some changes made to it since that first year that it debuted. Another major difference was that they did not originally use the Danny Elfman music on the soundtrack. I believe that was because in the first year, there was a problem securing the rights to his score.

After seeing Lock, Shock and Barrel, the Doombuggies pass by the mirrors that would normally have the illusion of the hitchhiking ghosts riding with the guests, but for the holiday version, Lock, Shock and Barrell are seen reflected in the mirrors. Beyond that, the Doombuggies continue on and pass beneath "Little Leota" (non-holiday version) or "Little Sally"(holiday version). This is similar to the scene that guests see while exiting up the Speedramp in Anaheim's Mansion. In Tokyo and Florida, the Doombuggies ride through an extended crypt setting and actually ride underneath a ledge containing the miniature scene. After this scene, the Doombuggies then enter the unloading area.
I hope everyone enjoyed the tour of Tokyo's Holiday Haunted Mansion. Over the next couple weeks, I will continue posting other holiday photos from Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.


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I just gotta tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It is fantastic, Merry Christmas.

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Wow...thank you, Viewliner! The feeling is definitely mutual!

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