Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Haunted Mansion Ride-Thru (Part 2)

Continuing with Tokyo Disneyland's Holiday Mansion tour.....after leaving the portrait hallway, the Doombuggies enter the library. This scene is also the same as in Florida's Haunted Mansion. It is here that guests see the busts that turn and watch you. The two familiar busts from Anaheim are here, as well as two additional busts not seen in Anaheim's Mansion. In the holiday version, Jack Skellington's dog Zero is here putting garland onto a tree made up of floating books.

Next comes the music room. In the non-holiday version, the piano plays all by itself, but in the "Nightmare" version, Scary Teddy pounds away on the keys as Sally watches from a nearby chair.

As the Doombuggies leave the music room, they start to ascend a stairway. In Florida, this is where an "endless stairway" scene has recently been added. In Tokyo, this scene still has the three large spiders and webs, but for the holiday version, a projection of Oogie Boogie has been added. His silhouette is seen jumping around in various poses and laughing. In his last pose, he takes on the shape of a Christmas tree. It is a simple projection on a wall, but the effect is done well and it's pretty humorous. Also added to this scene are several cages containing "bugs". The cages have gift tags attached to them that say "For: Oogie Boogie" and the bugs are clinging to the bars of the cages and shaking nervously.

After this scene, the Doombuggies go past the endless hallway, the hands trying to push the lid off of the coffin, the hallway with all the doors (and the man-eating wreath), and the clock that strikes "13". These scenes in Tokyo are all pretty much identical to Anaheim's Holiday version. Tokyo's non-holiday version however, has two things that are different. One of the bulging doors in the hallway is open just slightly with two hands coming out of the top of it and there is a green fog seeping out of the crack. Also, there is a portrait of a man hanging on the wall in this hallway and his flat painted face in the portrait starts to bulge outward into a three-dimensional shape for a few seconds and then goes back to being flat. It is really a great effect....all of the Haunted Mansions should have this effect!
In the next post, we will venture on into the Seance Room.

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Wish Florida Would Have Do It with These Props.