Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dapper Day At Disneyland: Part 2 - Tom Sawyer Island, The Dapper Derby & Miscellaneous

It's time for Part 2 of Dapper Day at Disneyland! (to see Part 1, click here) After "The Mark Twain Mixer", people headed over to Tom Sawyer Island for "Island Escapades." This dapper guest was dressed like Becky Thatcher.

The raft dock didn't ever get as crowded as the Mark Twain dock. I think some of the people skipped the island meet. Maybe they didn't want to get their dapper duds dirty?

Now we're back on the mainland and hanging out in New Orleans Square.

Sampling a fragrance at Madamemoiselle Antoinette's Parfumerie.

Dapper Day attendee Doug Marsh, brought a bag of vintage Disneyland props for some fun photo-ops.

More dapper groups....

A very dapper couple....

Dapper photo bomb!

Merrily, merrily, merrily on their way to nowhere in particular!


These guests wanted to ride the Skyway.....and Nature's Wonderland Mine Train....oh, and Adventure Thru Inner Space....AND THE PEOPLEMOVER!

Now it was time for the "Dapper Derby." Everyone met at King Arthur Carousel at 7:00.

These dapper guests have their "A" coupons ready.

They were shocked when the cast member wouldn't take their tickets.

Another dapper guest was surprised to find out that the entire Disneyland "ticket system" was eliminated over 30 years ago.

Waiting in line to ride.....


I have to say that I wasn't terribly happy with the quality of these Carousel pics. Many of my Carousel photos from the last Dapper Day ("An Evening Affair") came out blurry, so this time I set the camera on the "action/sport" setting. Well, many of them still came out blurry and the ones that weren't blurry came out kind of grainy. Maybe I'll eventually learn how to take flawless pics with my camera....or maybe I'll get a better camera!

Goodbye Dapper Day....see you again in the Fall!

Here is the information for the upcoming Fall 2012 event. Meet-up times will be announced on the Dapper Day website ( this summer.

***Post Update***

Oops, I forgot to post the video that I took of one of the go-arounds on the Carousel, so here it is. Unfortunately, it's not very clear either! You might want to just skip it and watch the two "professional" videos below it!

This is a wonderfully edited video of all the day's activities from YouTube user "renrenataren."

And here's another excellent video by YouTube user "pizzaplanettruck."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dapper Day At Disneyland: Part 1 - The Mark Twain Mixer

Well February is here, and that means it's time for another Dapper Day! "Dapper Day 2012" was held last Sunday (yes, on Superbowl Sunday.....but who really follows hockey anyway?) and it was a huge success.

The pin below reads "2nd Annual Dapper Day", but there have been three events so far. I'm guessing this means the 2nd annual daytime event since the event last September was "An Evening Affair".

The first gathering of the day was The Mark Twain Mixer. Everyone met at the boat dock at 3:00 "for an elegant trip around the Rivers of America on this original attraction from 1955." The waiting area next to the dock quickly filled up with people.

This guest painted her own vintage-style graphics on her bag!

And this attendee made his own vest. Those stripes are individually sewn on!

Here she comes around the bend. By now the entire waiting area was packed.

All aboard!

Ready to set sail!

There were so many people at this event, that they would not all fit onto the Mark Twain. Here we can see the line of people waiting for the next departure. It extended all the way past Lillian Disney's petrified tree.......

.....and down to the Riverbelle Terrace Restaurant.

Here is just a sampling of all the dapper people on board.

There was a pianist on the lower deck of the ship. I had never seen this on the Mark Twain before, but I'm guessing he wasn't just there for Dapper Day.

People were getting into the spirit of the music.

Here's a very dapper couple. The guy behind them thought it was Grad Nite 1977!

Photo by Ryan Valle

A closer look....

Photo by Jennifer Stockert (who is pictured above with her husband, Bruce Stockert.)

Actually, the event's creator states that you can interpret "dapper" however you like...."a period look is as correct as the latest haute couture." And speaking of "period" well does this lady's ensemble fit in with the Mark Twain setting!

Here are some very dapper groups. The gentleman second from the right is Ryan Valle, who was kind enough to let me use one of his photos in this post (thank you!).

A dapper Indian village.....

.....and it's dapper village people.

Now we're approaching the dock. There were enough people waiting to fill the Mark Twain to capacity for a second go-around.

All ashore that's going ashore.....

Check back for more Dapper Day photos in Part 2, including the "Dapper Derby" meeting at the Carrousel!

***Post Update*** For Part 2, click here: Dapper Day At Disneyland: Part 2.