Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tomorrowland's Second Story

These will be the last pics of Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland for a while. I will be posting more Tokyo pics, but of other lands and attractions in the park, as well as pics from Tokyo's second Disney park, Tokyo DisneySea.

Today's shots are of Tomorrowland's "upper level". Part of Tokyo's Tomorrowland has a second story to it and in the shot above, we see a stairway that goes up to an outdoor seating area for the Pan Galactic Pizza Port.

The shot below is of the Star Tours building (the taller building). The structure on the right is the corner of the Meet The World attraction building before it was torn down (future site of Monsters Inc. attraction, opening in 2009). The glass tube over the walkway and the stairway on the left is the exit to Star Tours. This picture was taken when Star Tours was closed for refurbishment, that is why there is white tarp visible between the two buildings.

The last shot was taken after crossing the glass bridge exit of Star Tours. This is an audio-animatronic security/customs officer that stops what he is doing every so often, turns around in his chair and talks to guests. The first and third computer screens in the top row actually show people in "real time" as they are exiting the attraction. Other monitors show what's going on in different parts of the park. Note the original Star Tours souvenir mug sitting on the console!

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