Monday, August 11, 2008

It's HUGE!

Did I mention in my last post, how BIG the Plaza area is at Tokyo Disneyland? Today, I'm posting additional photos to try and give a true sense of it's size.

In the photo above, the "center" of the Plaza is actually still behind us. By the way, these photos contain a good view of Tokyo's World Bazaar (their version of Main St.) As you can see, it has a glass roof overhead. This comes in handy on those wet days that Tokyo occasionally has. Okay....not so occasionally.

I am guessing, but I'd have to say that at least two...and possibly even three, of the original Disneyland's Plaza would fit into Tokyo Disneyland's Plaza area.

For my next post, we will be moving away from the Plaza. But we'll be back at a future date to show some of the wonderful displays they erect here for holidays and special events.

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