Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tokyo Adventureland

This is Tokyo Disneyland's Adventureland. If you look closely underneath the entrance sign, you will see the Western River Railroad station off in the distance. This is because guests board that attraction....not in Westernland, but in Adventureland. It only has one station and from what I understand, that has something to do with the Japanese government regulating any form of transportation if it has more than one stop. The train and the Jungle Cruise share one building with two individual entrances. For the train, guests go upstairs to board, while for the Jungle Cruise, guests queue around underneath on the ground level.

Below is a shot of the train just about to enter the station. Tokyo's train does not circle the entire park. After boarding in Adventureland, guests are taken around the perimeter of The Jungle Cruise, then along the edge of the Westernland River (equivalent of Rivers of America), and then into Primeval World (no Grand Canyon diorama). At the end of the route, it passes by the Polynesian Terrace, a nicely themed sit down restaurant that includes a show with your meal (reservations required).

Just to the right of Polynesian Terrace is The Enchanted Tiki Room. For years Tokyo had the original version of this classic attraction. Then a few years back they updated it with a new show called "The Enchanted Tiki Room - Get The Fever". The new show was done in the tradition of the original. The orginal Sherman Brothers song was still performed, along with some newer songs like "In The Summertime", "Hot, Hot, Hot", and a solo by a female bird singing "Fever". For you truly was NOT as bad as it might sound. And while I wouldn't EVER want Disney to change the original attraction in Anaheim, it certainly was one hundred percent better than the monstrosity that currently resides in Walt Disney World's Tiki Room ("Under New Mangement"). The "Get The Fever" version however, was just replaced by a newer version that opened last month. Tokyo has now added Stitch to their show and since I have not seen it yet, I cannot comment. I will be posting more Tiki Room pics in the future.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you on your opinions of the Tiki Room--Under New Management. I think that version is far from a monstrosity and does a far better job of paying homage to the original show than "Get the Fever" did.

For example, UNM keeps Jose, Michael, Pierre and Fritz, as well as bits and pieces of the original show's soundtrack.

Maybe to get a better enlightment and appreciation for UNM, I highly recommend purchasing the Extinct Attractions Club's historical DVD about WDW's Tiki Room.

... But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

I highly recommend "Anonymous" purchase a Walt Disney Treasures DVD and learn that "WDW" should not be in the same sentence as "historical" and "Tiki Room".