Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just Around The River Bend......

Let's take a ride on Tokyo Disneyland's Mark Twain Steamboat. In the photo above, it's sitting at the dock in Westernland, boarding passengers. The orange and black bunting was for Halloween. Tokyo Disneyland decorates Westernland, Fantasyland, Toontown, and World Bazaar (Main St.) for Halloween and has been doing this for years. Anaheim only started decorating for Halloween a couple years ago and the decorations are minimal compared to what Tokyo Disneyland does. I'm trying not to make every post of mine into an Anaheim bashing post, but it is so difficult.....especially when I am trying to point out how the parks are similar and how they are different. Anyway, back to the Mark Twain. Let's take a look at some of the sites we will see while cruising the Westernland River. As we start out, we can see Tom Sawyer Island on the right side of the boat.

The view above is of Castle Rock and Barrel Bridge. The rockwork has been done in a shade that matches Big Thunder Mountain.

Just around the bend we see an Indian village.......

The scene above is reminiscent of Anahiem's "boy and dog" scene.

Also visible from the Mark Twain is the burning cabin...which still "burns." To see a photo of the burning cabin, check out a previous post by clicking here: Tokyo's Burning Cabin.

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