Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Plaza

Tokyo Disneyland has a HUGE Plaza area. It is kind of made up of three sections. There's the first section that guests encounter when they reach the end of "Main St." (actually called World Bazaar in Tokyo...a subject for future posts). This area is where the "Partners" statue of Walt and Mickey is found. The second section is beyond that and contains a huge central plaza area with a large round floral planter that is also used for holiday and special event displays (the Anaheim equivalent of this planter is where the Partners statue is located).

The third section is a huge paved area that is used to set up seating for stage shows that are held in front of the castle (again...holidays and special events).

The Plaza is SO big, that it contains FOUR of these large stand-alone castle turrets. Two of these turrets contain production booths with spotlights, projectors, etc. for the stage shows. The other two contain equipment for pyrotechnic and fire effects.

The banners and decorations on the castle are in honor of the park's 25th birthday which is being celebrated all year long.

Happy 25th Birthday, Tokyo Disneyland!!!

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