Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Mickey Mouse Revue - Disney World

Walt Disney World

This is another follow-up post to my series on Tokyo Disneyland's Mickey Mouse Revue attraction. The photo above shows what the exterior of the theater looked like when it was at Walt Disney World. I was wrong in Part 1 of my series when I said that I believed that Tokyo's exterior was similar to WDW's original exterior. Tokyo's is obviously MUCH more detailed as seen in the photo below. WDW did not have the gold figures of Goofy and Donald, or the gold treble clef symbols on top of their marquee.

Tokyo Disneyland

The photo below is from a scanned slide that had "turned" blue. I've corrected the color the best I could, but I'm mainly posting this pic just to show the gold crown detail at the very top of the facade. Compare that to Tokyo's topper that includes two gold horns, a drum, symbols and a gold Fleur-de-lis ! (As a side note, the photo below also shows three members of the band from "The Aristocats" greeting guests in Fantasyland.)

Walt Disney World

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Josh Smith said...

No Two Versions are alike. But One Thing I learn when at Florida's PhilharMagic, When the Mouse Revue Show was There, Guests Enter the Theater to the Right. (Similar to Muppet*Vision 3D at DCA and WDW)