Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beacon Joe in the Disney Parks

Today we are going to pay a visit to a resident of Tokyo Disneyland....actually a resident of several of the Disney parks. This is Beacon Joe. He can be seen while riding the Mark Twain Steamboat around the park's Western River (Tokyo's "Rivers of America") The large tressle in the foreground is the Western River Railroad. Behind that is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (that tunnel is the entrance to the "avalanche" scene.)

Let's move in a little closer.......

It turns out that this guy pops up in multiple places throughout the Disney parks, including the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. Click (here) to see Daveland's fascinating detective work on this figure!

And if you click (here), it will take you to George Taylor's "Imaginerding" site for one more photo of Beacon Joe sitting on his dock alongside the Rivers of America at Walt Disney World.

We'll end this short post today with an aerial shot taken from Tokyo's Western River Railroad.


Dan Alexander said...

What a terrific post (with great links)! It is so much fun seeing characters like this in the parks.

walterworld said...

How interesting!

Thanks for putting this together; I'll be on the lookout for Beacon Joe in his various guises when I visit Disneyland next.