Friday, November 7, 2008

Which Witch?

Anyone remember that game? I think Milton Bradley made it. You dropped a metal ball down the chimney to try to take out fellow players in various rooms of the house. ANYWAY....I'm back from Tokyo, but still fighting jetlag. It usually hits me pretty hard, so I might be a little "punchy", but here we go with a new post and some brand-spanking new pics taken just last week. As for the title of this post, I know Maleficent wasn't a witch. She was a fairy. An evil fairy. A very evil fairy. I mentioned in my last post that adults are allowed to wear costumes into Tokyo Disneyland the last week of October. Well, you might look at the photo below and think that the Maleficent on the right is an official park character and that the one on the left is a park guest in costume. They are actually both park guests.

Princess Aurora below, is also a park guest. I haven't shown many park characters in my posts, but just as a side note.....the "face" characters (meaning any of them that show their own faces and aren't wearing a character "head") that walk around the park or are in the shows and parades, are not Asian. Most of them are Americans, hired here in the states and sent overseas to live and work for a contracted amount of time. I just wanted to clear that up because I am often asked if Snow White, Cinderella, Alice, etc., at Tokyo Disneyland are Japanese.

I'm not sure why Merryweather, Flora and Fauna had white dresses, but I shouldn't criticize because they were very impressive costumes.

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I think I've figured out a way to get my free trip and visit to Tokyo Disney... hmmmmmm!!