Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Even More Monsters

These are the last of my Monsters Inc. attraction pics from Tokyo. The photos from my post on Thursday, November 13th (the post before last) showed these same areas under construction. Those pics were shot over the top of a hedge that was being used as sort of a construction wall. That same hedge can be seen in these photos, but these pics were taken two days later and now the hedge has been moved up closer to the building, revealing brand spanking new landscaping, paint and light fixtures.

Mmmmm, can't you just smell the new paint? Maybe I'm weird, but I like it when you go on a new ride and it still has that "new" smell. Unfortunately, it doesn't last very long.
Below is a patio that is on the side of the building. This is the same patio seen in the post before last that was still under construction. Again, note the railings that have a "pointy teeth" pattern. This patio was being used as a smoking area when this photo was taken.

This attraction is not scheduled to open until April of 2009.

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