Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Attack Of The Pixar People!

Even though it is November and Halloween is over, we are still taking a look at some of the costumes that the guests wore to Tokyo Disneyland during the last week of October.

Friday's theme was Sleeping Beauty. Yesterday's theme was Alice In Wonderland. Today, I have chosen a Pixar theme. Below is your typical "Bug's Life" Family.

Take a look at "Mini-Pluto" behind "Mr. Incredible" in the photo below.

Here's Mike, but Sully was nowhere to be found.

The photo below shows two of my personal favorites out of all the costumes I saw on my trip. These were both custom-made costumes. It's interesting to note that Wall-E had not yet been released in Japan. It will not be released there until next month. The parks also did not have any Wall-E merchandise, but there was some to be found at the Disney Store in Ikspiari which is Tokyo's version of Downtown Disney.

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