Saturday, October 11, 2008

Small World Character Parade, 1981

These three photos are of the Small World Character Parade at Disneyland. They were taken on July 17th, 1981. (Please scroll down for my latest post on Tokyo Disneyland!)

Snow White and the Dwarfs were part of the Swiss unit.....or was it German? Oh, it was so long ago. Note the flowers in her hair and on her apron. This part of the soundtrack had a cuckoo clock going off, so maybe it was the German unit. (As an interesting side note...I remember this parade was the first to use the brand new Dwarf costumes which had just been redesigned. They went from being the large disproportionate costumes and heads to these, which are pretty much the same costume design that is used today.) The only other parade unit that I can remember right now was a Latin unit with Latin Dancers and the performers on the soundtrack singing "Ay yi yi yi". I do have the soundtrack to this parade somewhere, but haven't listened to it in years. Time to go looking for it......

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