Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween In The Plaza - 2007

Last year's Halloween theme at Tokyo Disneyland was "Happy Haunted Halloween." The vignettes in the plaza and the floats in the Halloween parade were all inspired by the Haunted Mansion attraction. The picture above was taken with a flash and the one below was taken without. I posted both because even though the spotlights on Mickey and Minnie wash them out a bit in the photo below, you do get a better idea of what the ghosts looked like at night.....which was very much like the ghosts in the graveyard scene of the Haunted Mansion.

The photo below was also taken with a flash, so again, you don't get the full ghost effect that was intended. It was difficult to get an in-focus shot of this scene without a flash (I wasn't using a tripod.)

Below is Goofy as the Haunted Mansion's night watchman and Pluto as his trusty companion.

Since Tokyo gets all new character figures in their plaza every year....and since Anaheim got the figures that Tokyo used in 2005 and has used them every year following, I wonder why Anaheim couldn't just get Tokyo's "hand-me-down" figures every year? Oh wait, that would cost something and I'm sure they don't want to spend one more penny than they have to. What a shame. The figures that were used in Tokyo's Plaza in 2005 and that are still in use today in Anaheim, can be seen by clicking here: Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2005.

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... But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

OMG LOOK at these! I'm gonna have a heart attack!!! Shhhh... No one tell Aneheim that the Haunted Mansion is celebrated as a HALLOWEEN ride in Japan. It would only confuse them.