Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Take Requests.......

After viewing yesterday's post, blogger "outsidetheberm" requested photos of Mt. Prometheus erupting at night. It has always been difficult for me to catch the eruption with my or night. I always seem to be exiting a ride or in another "land" when I realize that it's taking place. Then, by the time I get the camera ready and get over to a spot where I can take a decent photo, it's always over with. So, I don't have any photos of it during a "regular" eruption. The photo above, was taken during DisneySea's nighttime water show, "BraviSEAmo!" There is an eruption during the show, but in addition to fire, there are also some additional pyrotechnics that are set off from within the volcano. The next time I go to the Tokyo parks, I will try again to catch Mt. Prometheus in "regular" eruption mode!

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