Saturday, February 7, 2009

Got Water? - Tokyo Disneyland

Okay, I know to be grammatically correct, the question should be, "Do you have water?" Someone needs to tell that to the California Milk Processor Board! Well anyway, today we are back in Tokyo Disneyland and taking a look at drinking fountains that are themed to either the lands they are in, or the attractions that they are near. The ones pictured above can be found in Toontown, next to Chip 'N Dale's Treehouse.

Next, we have one that is located at the exit to the Swiss Family Treehouse in Adventureland.

The drinking fountain below is located within the queue of the Pooh's Hunny Hunt attraction in Fantasyland.

This one is from Westernland and can be found just across from the Mark Twain landing.

Last up today, we have a drinking fountain from inside the Pan Galactic Pizza Port in Tomorrowland.

Not all of the drinking fountains in Tokyo Disneyland have this much themeing, but seeing these made me stop and wonder.....does Disneyland in Anaheim have ANY themed drinking fountains? I can't think of any. I would like to hear from the experts out there!

In my next post, we will take a look at themed drinking fountains from Tokyo DisneySea.


Unknown said...

Great shots!

I wish that we could get some more updated features like these in the American parks.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Nice post, I'm thirsty!

I can't think of any at DL either? Something new to check for on my next visit!

FoxxFur said...

There's a few themed drinking fountains in the Florida parks. Most notable in my mind is the wishing well fountain in the queue for the Skyway; the Skyway isn't there anymore but the well is, although all you can do is look at it from the stroller parking area that area has become.

TokyoMagic! said...

FoxxFur, you just reminded me that the well that used to be located inside Fort Wilderness at Disneyland had a drinking fountain built into it. Fort Wilderness doesn't exist anymore either. :-(