Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vintage Disneyland Magnets

Today's post is a quick one. The photo above shows six vintage magnets that were sold at Disneyland in the late seventies/early eighties. These are from my personal collection of Disneyland souvenirs. I remember purchasing these in the Character Shop in Tomorrowland (now the Star Trader), but they were also sold at other locations throughout the park.

This wraps up a month of "souvenir" themed posts. I'm not sure what I'll be posting about in February. I may go back to posting about Tokyo Disneyland, but I still have more vintage Disneyland souvenirs, as well as some slides that I have been busy scanning for future posts. Stay tuned....

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Dad.. said...

HA! Was JUST contemplating doing a post about these!! I only have about three of the vintage, and a few from the 90's.