Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Tokyo Disneyland's Electrical Parade Dreamlights continues with the Beauty & the Beast unit. Lumiere is audio-animatronic. His body bends, he waves his arms around, and his mouth moves as he sings "Be Our Guest." Many of the lights in this parade, including the ones on this float, are flashing, twinkling, or "traveling."

Is anyone bored yet? I was going to only spotlight parts of this parade, but then somehow decided to show at least one shot of every float. Maybe it's taking too long to show the entire parade. It is a very long parade. The parade even has groups of performers that walk along in front of or behind many of the units (like the bees from the Winnie the Pooh unit), but they don't always photograph very well, so I'm not posting those pics. The Beauty and the Beast Unit has some performers dressed as "dinner plates" and others dressed in French maid-type costumes pushing light-up "dessert carts". Other units that have performers are the Alice unit which has dancing light-up "flowers" and "butterflies" and the Casey Jr. Circus Train float which has marching light-up "toy soldiers."

Want to see the rest of this parade or has everyone had enough of it for a while?

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