Saturday, October 8, 2011

Knott's Scary Farm: Part 2 - Sleepy Hollow Mountain Log Ride

We're still at Knott's Berry Farm, but now we will take a look at the Halloween Haunt overlay for the Calico Log Ride. Hey, when did they change the name from Calico Log Ride to Timber Mountain Log Ride, anyway? I know it's been called the Timber Mountain Log Ride for a long time now, but I just realized that the vintage postcard book I posted recently refers to it as the Calico Log Ride. Well, for the Halloween overlay, the name is temporarily changed to Sleepy Hollow Mountain (as opposed to the Christmas overlay, which is called Elf Mountain.

Here we go up into the saw mill.....

That little bell tower has been added to the roof and will remain in place through Christmas when the saw mill is turned into the Elves' Workshop.

Just before we get to the top of the lift, if we look over to the right we can see a headless horseman vignette on an upcoming portion of the ride. Note the giant red clamp holding him and his horse down! Hopefully they are secured and won't fall over on top of one of the logs if there's a strong gust of wind.

The fireplace in this next scene is also used in the Elf Mountain overlay. Hey, they should just put Christmas hats on the skeletons and leave them up through Christmas....or would that be a little too "Nightmare Before Christmas-y"?

This next photo didn't turn out too's difficult taking pictures of things when you are sailing quickly past them. This was a dining table with skeletons seated around it.

Here's a giant witch's cauldron. Remember, at night during the special event "Halloween Haunts," hundreds of actors are hired and placed into these scenes.

I took this next pic a couple weeks ago before they were finished decorating.

Compare it to this pic taken just two days ago of the same scene. A creepy little guy has been added....but why is he playing with bowling pins that have skulls on the top of them?

Here are some of his friends sitting on top of the logging train across the way. Are their heads supposed to be detached from their bodies? I think they should just use these guys as the elves for the Christmas overlay.....I know, I'm sick.

Now we're approaching the area that we saw from the "lift" hill at the beginning of the ride.

This was taken while turning around in the log and looking back at the scene.....still blurry!

And here's the headless horseman again, just before the final lift hill.

You know, I have a theory about that horse. I think that it's the same horse that stood for years next to Doc Walker's cabin (way back when the cabin sat across from the Bird Cage Theater). I have nothing concrete to back it up, but take a look at this vintage pic. The horse's head is turned just slightly in both pics. I've been told that they have tons of old props from the park stored in warehouses in the back. It makes sense that they would have kept something like that around. Anyway, it's just a theory.

Hanging over the final lift hill is a thick cluster of Jack O' Lanterns.

And now the scariest part of the ride (for some people, anyway), THE DROP!

In my next post, we'll take a look at the Calico Mine Train's Halloween decorations as well as other sections of the park.


Brian said...

The short guy with the bowling pins are from Rip-Van-Winkle. Same author of the legend of Sleepy Hallow.

TokyoMagic! said...

Aha! I didn't know that Washington Irving also wrote Rip Van Winkle. Thank you for that info, Brian!

Connie Moreno said...


Good grief, my security word is prewar!

Major Pepperidge said...

Looks kind of fun!

I remember listening to a podcast last year in which Knott's Scary Farm received a terrible review. It really surprised me, since it is such a SoCal legend.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chris, in the last photo, just to the left of the depot, it looks like there is some construction going on. Is this another example of an old building being replaced?

Dan Alexander said...

Knott's really knows how to decorate with skeletons! That skeleton Family is a bit disturbing (which means they did their job!).

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I haven't been to Knott's for a Haunt night in over twenty years, so I really don't know how they are now compared to back then. And I don't know how they compare to Universal Studios or Magic Mountain....actually does Magic Mt. still do Haunt nights?

What you're seeing in that last pic that looks like construction is the Calico stage. It always looks "junky" no matter what kind of entertainment or special event is taking place in the park. You can see a close-up pic of it in my last post or click here: Calico Stage

Dan, I tried to get a better pic of that skeleton family, but after three attempts, that was the best pic I could get. I will probably be at the park again before the Halloween stuff is taken down, so will try again!

Major Pepperidge said...

Chris, the guy who gave the Scary Farm a bad review is from Florida, and I think the Universal Studios Orlando has a pretty incredible Halloween setup. He had been looking forward to Knott's Scary Farm after hearing about it for so long, but was apparently very disappointed.

Ivor said...
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