Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Mad Tea Party Game - It's Kid Tested!

Today we have another item from my childhood.....The Mad Tea Party Game, made by Whitman (It's Kid Tested!) in 1972.

Here's a pic of just the game board pieces.

And here's a pic taken after assembly with some of the playing pieces displayed on it.

The instructions are printed on the inside of the box.

I don't remember playing the game according to these instructions. Did you ever alter the rules to a game when you were a kid? I don't think that we did it on purpose, I think we just read the object of the game on the cover of the box and then assumed that we knew how to play. From what I remember, we piled ALL of the game pieces onto the turntable, spun it, then grabbed at whatever flew off and whoever collected a complete set first, was the winner. KIDS!!!

To view another 1970's vintage Disney toy from Whitman, click here: America On Parade Puzzle


Connie Moreno said...

How cute!!

Dan Alexander said...

What a great game! It made me think of the Mouse Trap game. I never actually played the game---I just played with contraptions.

Major Pepperidge said...

Whitman made so much Disneyland merch, almost always colorful and fun. Coloring books, activity books, puzzles, etc. I've never seen this Mad Tea Party game before. And yes, we ALWAYS changed the rules!

Verification word is "pilates".

Snow White Archive said...

Kid tested and kid rules. Actually looks like a fun game. I wonder if Matt has seen this over at:

Unknown said...

Awesome!! With all of the stacks of board games at the thrift stores.. I NEED to start looking for Disney games like this!!

Wenni Donna said...

Glad to find the idea for this Mad Tea Party Game for kids. Actually I have to host the party for my twin’s birthday and was just thinking to host that at the garden LA venue. Was not finding any unique game ideas but you have helped me a lot.