Friday, December 17, 2010

A Disney Christmas In Black & White - 1980

For today's post we have some Los Angeles Times newspaper clippings from 30 years ago. Up first, is an advertisement for the 1980 holiday season at Disneyland. The S.O.S. band was back at the park and the Lennon Sisters were performing as well. Michael Landon was the celebrity guest for the Candlelight Procession/Ceremony that year. I like the way that this ad was drawn as if it were needlepoint....or is it cross-stitch?

Come home for the holidays......come home to Disneyland!

Next, we have an ad from October of 1980 announcing auditions for the Christmas Parade at Disneyland. As we can see in the ad above, the Christmas Parade that year was "Fantasy On Parade" which was making it's return after being on hiatus for several years ("The Very Merry Christmas Parade" had taken it's place in 1977). I happened to go to the parade auditions one year later and was hired for the 1981 edition of "Fantasy On Parade."

And here's an ad from December of 1980 for the first re-release of the animated film, "The Aristocats."


Dan Alexander said...

I often wonder about the folks working at the parks on Christmas Day. I imagine it's probably really fun working in something festive like the parade or making the candy, but maybe not so fun working the shops or restaurants.

Terrance T said...

Dan Alexander, being a former Disneyland cast member, it's fun, despite how crowded it can be on that day. It's what you make of it that counts. Early in the morning, it's nice and quiet but come 11 a.m. then it's pandemonium. But overall, it's fun to be there!

Major Pepperidge said...

1980 seems like it wasn't that long ago, and yet...! I found a ticket stub to an XTC concert, and can't believe that it was 30 years ago!!

TokyoMagic! said...

Dan and Terrance, working in the parade on Xmas Day in 1981 wasn't too bad, but I still hated not being with my family that day. Fortunately, that's the only time I've ever had to work on Xmas day.

Major, I can't believe that 1990 was 20 years ago!