Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Happiest Merchandise On Earth!


Forget "The Year of a Million Dreams." Forget "What Will You Celebrate?" Those campaigns are in the past. This is 2010 and it is now time to make way for "The Happiest Memories On Earth!" I just got back from the park and here are a few shots of some brand new merchandise featuring the new slogan.

First up is this "rubberized" magnet.

Next we have some glasses and mugs.

This plush Mickey holds a miniature pennant in his hand. Whatever happen to pennants? Disneyland used to sell a lot of them. I guess they went the way of the pin back buttons. I miss those!

Below is some sort of zipper bag or purse....I took these pics kind of quickly, so I didn't look too closely at it!

The obligatory caps and shirts......

in blue.......

....and red!

And here is the "piece de resistance." I'm dedicating this item to Vintage Disneyland Tickets. Sorry, I haven't opened it.....yet! It says that it's a memo pad, so I'm guessing these are similar to an item that was sold last year at Tokyo Disneyland for their 25th Annivesary. Those can be seen (here) on Vintage Disneyland Tickets' incredible blog.
I am wondering how accurate the tickets will be. It does look like the "Globe" logo has been left off of the paper. It also appears that the "Welcome to Disneyland" page and the park admission ticket might have been excluded. If I end up opening it, I will definitely scan and post the contents!


Dan Alexander said...

Hooray, some fun merchandise! I'm glad Baloo the Bear is on something sold at Disneyland now.

My favorite line of merchandise so far is the "Retro Disneyland" stuff, particularly the bobblehead pen set featuring the awesome Abominable Snowman and Hitchhiking ghost.

TokyoMagic! said...

Hey Dan. Yes, it is time for Baloo to have his moment in the spotlight! Thumper is also used on some of these items....he's even on the bill of the red baseball caps. GO THUMPER!

Dad.. said...

Nice post! You reminded me.. I've got a box of old pennants somewhere in my basement. I think it's time to look for them! thanks for sharing, and jogging my memory!!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hmmm. (a) WOW, I gotta get me one of those ticket books, how much was it and what shop did you find it at???

(b) Not sure about the 55th theme, is it just me or is it a bit too much "Circus Fantasy"?

Awesome post, Thanks!

P.s. how was the park?

TokyoMagic! said...

Dad, I have a collection of DL pennants from the seventies and eighties around here somwhere. I should go digging for them.

VDT, The ticket book was $5.00 and I bought it in the Pooh shop. I saw the same merchandise in the DL Showcase Shop, but I didn't see the ticket books there....and I didn't go into the Emporium. It does look a little "circusy." This stuff has, "Since '55" on it. I wonder if this is all we'll get for the 55th anniversary or if there will be separate anniversary merchandise.

TokyoMagic! said...

P.S. The park wasn't too bad. I think everyone was still recovering from New Year's Eve. It did look like there were all new flowers (Spring looking flowers)in the Plaza area. I wonder if people still trample everything in sight on New Year's Eve like they did 12 years ago. A cast member told us the gates to the park were closed at 2pm that day! UGLY!!!