Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tomorrowland 1970 - A World Still On The Move (Not Static Yet)


Today, it's back to my favorite version of my favorite land......the original "New" Tomorrowland. This shot was taken by my dad in Spring of 1970. I wish he had taken more pictures of Tomorrowland, but I am glad to have the shots that he did take. I love this one because it shows the water fountains at the entrance. Unfortunately, I don't remember those amoeboid bowls ever operating as fountains. I only remember them after they were converted into planters. I also love how the silver panels at the entrance shine in this photo as if they were brand new (they were 3 years old). While I'm glad those panels were retained in the 1998 redo, I have hated their newer colors (copper in 1998, replaced later by the dull gray/silver of today).

If you look closely in this pic, you can see the Carousel of Progress (my favorite attraction) in the distance. And if you look even closer, you can also see the diamond shaped display boxes on poles located on either side of the People Mover Speedramp. Does anyone else remember these? They were advertisements for Goodyear products. I would love to see close up shots of them sometime. Someone out there must have photographs of them. I can't remember too many specifics, I just remember that they contained simple animated cutouts of people using different Goodyear products. I have seen photos of similar Monsanto displays that were at the unloading area of Adventure Thru Inner Space in it's earlier years of operation.

Okay Disney, enough is enough! Bring back the Tomorrowland facades of 1967! I have absolutely no faith that you could ever improve upon such a classic design. You tried once, and failed miserably. Even your attempts to "paint out" your mistakes have failed....although I must admit that it is no longer quite as painful on the eyes. But why did you stop? There are still areas in Tomorrowland that are painted brown, gold and copper and they stick out like a sore thumb. Bring back/uncover/restore or recreate Mary Blair's wonderful murals! What took their place isn't art, it's the equivalent of a freeway billboard. Bring back the People Mover! How many times does it have to be said? And stop taking out classic Disneyland attractions! It has been proven over and over that you can't replace them with anything better..... Electrical Parade/Light Magic.....People Mover/Rocket Rods.....Country Bear Jamboree/Winnie the Pooh......Carousel Theater/Innoventions.....Rocket Jets/Astro Orbitor.....Enchanted Tiki Room/Tiki Room - Under New Management. Do I need to list more? I've got more! Okay, I'll stop now.


...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

I love your description of old Tomorrowland, particularly the shiny silver panels! Gives me a new thing to spit about. Eric likes to call this 'copper' version of Tomorrowland 'cat poop'. HAHAHAHA. Thank you for this lovely little rant. It warms my heart ever so.

...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

Cat poop colors!

TokyoMagic! said...

You are a bit more tactful than I am. Ever since 1998, I have referred to them as baby diarrhea colors!