Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tokyo Tomorrowland

Once again, it's back to my favorite land.....Tomorrowland, but not Anaheim's this time. The shot above is of Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland entrance. The spires resemble Walt Disney World's original Tomorrowland entrance before it was destroyed in a bad remodel job in the 90's.

Below is a shot of Tokyo Disneyland's Star Jets. They still have the "Apollo Rocket" motif complete with the "gantry lift" elevators. I love the design of the platform and supporting structure. It is very reminiscent of Anaheim's Rocket Jet platform (before it was bastardized). There is even a snack bar at it's base. Anaheim used to have the Space Bar below theirs (later named The Lunching Pad, then it was Radio Disney's Headquarters and now it's the TomorrowLanding Shop).

Long live these classic Tomorrowland structures!!! I hope they never try to "improve" upon them.

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