Tuesday, October 11, 2022

A Vintage Halloween Potpourri - Part 2

Two years ago, I did something on this blog that I had never done before.  I posted childhood photos of my brother and myself, without the white ovals over our faces!  ;-)  Those photos can be seen here:  A Vintage Halloween Potpourri (Part 1).  Today, we have some extra photos, which I did not include in that post from two years ago.

First up, are a few more photos from 1968.  My father followed us as we went "trick or treating," and took some photos along the way.

One of the houses in our neighborhood had a jack-o'-lantern, carved from one of the largest pumpkins I had ever seen.

Awwww!  I remember this neighbor.  Her name was Mrs. Irish.

I'm only including this next pic, because it is so freaky-looking, making it appropriate for Halloween.  I'm not sure what happened here.  All of these pictures were color Polaroid photos, so I'm not sure why this particular one came out in black and white, or why it looks so "distressed."  My Halloween post from two years ago, included a much better photo than this (in color), of us in these same costumes, posing at home with our own carved jack-o'-lantern.  (That large white spot on the far right just might be a "real" ghost!)

Next, we have two extra photos from 1969.  That year, our next door neighbor's grandchildren came to our neighborhood to "trick or treat."  They are the two kids in the middle.  My brother's costume was labeled "Igor," and I was a "Skeleton."  Once again, pics of us in these costumes, posing with that year's carved pumpkin, were also included in my previous Halloween post.

Funny, I still remember when this man opened his door, and was wearing this mask.  I'm guessing the mask was supposed to be a goat, since it has a billy goat-style beard hanging off of the chin.  Unless that was the man's real beard.

This was the very last "Ben Cooper" costume that I ever wore.  I don't have any pictures of my self in the costume, but I wore it for Halloween of 1972.  Out of all my childhood Halloween costumes that I have saved, it is the most "complete," since I also have the original box that it came in.


The box has "Walt Disney World Costume" printed on it.  Walt Disney World would have only been open one year, at this point.

The side of the box has Disney On Parade printed on it.  Disney On Parade was a traveling arena show that had begun in 1969 and continued through 1974, with a new version created each year.

The "stamped" price tag shows that it was purchased at Kmart, and cost $2.88.

Information from the back of the box: 

This next costume is not from my childhood.  I found this one at my local Salvation Army Store, back in the 1990s.

The name of this costume was simply, "Monster."  The  manufacturer was "Collegeville," and the price tag shows that it was originally purchased at "Quigley's Department Store, for $1.87.

I had never heard of that store, but upon searching online, it appears there were nine Quigley's located throughout the Los Angeles area.  The store pictured below, was located in Long Beach, California.


The black design of the monster on the costume, is "flocked," or as described on the box, a "Velvet Touch" decoration.

Here are a few more Halloween cards, from my childhood.  These first three were given to me by my aunt and uncle, who sent us Halloween cards every year.  This one is from the 1970s:

The little gray square inside the frame of the mirror was a reflective silver type of material.  I'm not sure if the joke was that it was suppose to show you your reflection, or that it wasn't supposed to.  What little you can see of yourself in it, is very distorted. 

This card was printed in black and white on the outside.....

.....and full color on the inside.

I think this card might have been from the early 1980s:


The doors, paintings, and other objects inside the card open up to reveal "surprises":

This last card dates back to the late 1960s, and is not signed.  It is quite large in size.  I remember it being brought out every year, and just used as a Halloween decoration.

The lips are lenticular, and change from "normal," to "puckered."  The line inside is a play on the phrase, "Kiss me, you fool!"  (Incidentally, that phrase itself is adapted from the 1915 silent film, A Fool There Was, in which Theda Berra tells a man, "Kiss me, my fool!")

And here is yet another "spooky" book from my childhood.

This book of Spooky Rhymes and Riddles, was ordered through my elementary school's "Scholastic Book" sales program.

It has a 1972 copyright date.

Here is just a sampling of the pages inside:

The back cover:

We will end today, with this Halloween-themed cover, from a November 1971 issue of Walt Disney's Donald Duck comic book.  I'm assuming even though it was a "November" issue, that it was probably released in the month of October.  Oddly enough, the story mentioned on the cover, "The Monster That Wasn't," didn't have anything to do with Halloween.

Inside, was this advertisement to send away for a "Scary, Life Size Monster Ghost."  The eyes glow in the dark, it's over 7 feet tall, it obeys your commands, and it costs only $1.00!  How could any kid resist that?  And then of course, there's the obligatory "Sea-Monkeys" advertisement.

 Happy Halloween, everyone!



I don’t have any of my childhood Halloween costumes, but I have ALL my Halloween cards! Holiday cards were and still are a big thing in my family. I still mail Halloween cards to my family and friends. I loved getting Halloween cards …. And they are fun to look at today. During October my sister and I would be all excited to get out the Halloween decorations but my mom didn’t like them out too early….. lol … i think she thought it was tacky. We’d aldo set out our ghost stories and Halloween poem books from Scolastic Thanks for sharing these photos from such a great period of time.

TokyoMagic! said...

Mike, holiday cards were a big thing in my family, too. So far, I've posted some vintage Halloween and Valentine cards. I'll have to post some of my vintage cards from other holidays!

My brother and I were also excited about decorating the house for Halloween (and Christmas). I don't think there was ever a concern with my mom about it being too early, as long as it wasn't before October 1st. Now, the Disney parks put up their Halloween decorations in August. I think that is too early!

Major Pepperidge said...

I am always amazed at the treasures that you have managed to save from your childhood! All of the kinds of things that you saved went into the trash. Maybe my mom had to get rid of stuff during our many moves, or maybe the house was cluttered enough already.

I love all of the “kids in their costumes” photos, those are always fun. And it’s AMAZING thaty ou not only have your Mickey costume, but also the BOX!

That Collegeville monster costume (in mint box) is super awesome, I really love it. And I really love the Halloween cards, my grandma used to send me Halloween cards, and I may still have one or two in a box somewhere. They always make me think of how much I loved my grandma and grandpa. Seeing the changing art styles is interesting.

That “Spooky Rhymes and Riddles” book totally looks like a Scholastic Book Fair purchase, so awesome.

Weird that “The Monster that Wasn’t” had nothing to do with Halloween. Was it one of those scary Arbor Day stories? ;-)

I’ve heard that the “Scary, Life Size Monster Ghost” was basically a balloon, ad thin piece of fabric, and a string (or piece of fishing line). It “obeys your commands” because you pull on a string to make it move. LAME!

Thanks for the fun stuff!

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I know that I am lucky to still have so much from my childhood. I have said it before, but the reason for that really is due to the fact that after age 3, we never moved again. Also, the house that I grew up in really had a lot of storage space.

The main reason I bought that vintage Collegeville costume, was because it was in such perfect condition. That, and the fact that it was pretty cheap at the time. That would have been right around the time that ebay was created. It seems like after that, the Salvation Army started raising their prices on everything and there were no more "incredible deals."

I really cherish the holiday cards that my family members sent me. Most of the time, they didn't just sign their names, but they also wrote a note on the back. That kind of thing is priceless to me, since most of them are gone now.

Most of the mail order items in those comic books were probably lame! Except for maybe the sets of Disneykins. I still wish I had sent away for those. Oh, well!

"Lou and Sue" said...

TokyoMagic, I love your Halloween photos. Adorable kids. In that fourth photo, make sure your shoelace is tied, I don't want you tripping and dropping your candy.

I never kept any of my costumes or Scholastic Books, but sure wish I had. I do have my childhood Halloween cards put away, somewhere. I'm enjoying all the stuff you shared here.

Speaking of Sea Monkeys, our Kohl's store was selling them in their aisle of Christmas stocking stuffers, a couple years ago. I bought one for my husband and he took it to work. The guys had fun raising them for a few days, but I doubt they were successful in teaching them to do any "entertaining tricks and stunts." They eat and die, and go to Sea Monkey heaven.

Thank you for another FUN post, TokyoMagic!

TokyoMagic! said...

Sue, I didn't notice my untied shoelace until you pointed it out. I wonder if someone noticed it, before we all went trick or treating? I don't remember face-planting in the street that year, so it probably did get tied.

Wow! I had no idea that you could still get Sea Monkeys! When you say, "They eat and die.....", I hope that means they get more than just one meal before dying. Awwww, Sea Monkey Heaven. I hope there is such a place!

Thanks, Sue. I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

Anonymous said...

TokyoMagic, they definitely each had a lot of meals...


K. Martinez said...

Late to the party. Nice post. Like the old-style costumes, but really love the Halloween cards. Very cool.

Thanks, TM!

TokyoMagic! said...

Ken, I thought you just might like this vintage Halloween post. I'm glad to hear that you did!

TokyoMagic! said...

Sue, that's a relief to know that the Sea Monkeys don't die after eating just one meal! :-)


Many years ago on David letterman, he called the customer service phone number on a package of Sea Monkeys that he had raised. The serious customer service employee was very polite and listen to his concerns “that none of HIS Sea Monkeys looked like the ones on the package : they didn’t have blonde hair and none had Tritons or crowns on their head …etc etc …. It was pretty damn funny!!

Anonymous said...

Tokyo, what a fun post!

Vintage kids, vintage costumes, Halloween was fun back then, so much less complex.

Thanks for sharing all your loot, I'm grateful you have so much of this stuff to share.

Around the end of my trick-or-treat career, I got a Collegeville costume similar to your SA find. I remember the box more than the costume, but it was the first one I ever had that had the costume clothes, not just a mask. Thank you for these memories! No way I would have recalled those details without this post.

We lived way out in the country and no one ever came to our house, so my parents would take me to town to visit my uncle and grandfather, and some friends from church. I had a little plastic pumpkin similar to yours. I remember Gemco too, there was one in Fresno, or maybe Visalia that we shopped at occasionally.


TokyoMagic! said...

JG, you are right about Halloween being simpler back then. There was far less celebrating and decorating.....at least where I grew up, in So. Cal. I went to a friend's hometown (near Cleveland, Ohio), back in 1994. I remember seeing so many houses and lawns decorated for Halloween and was surprised. This friend told me that it was normal when he was growing up, in that part of the country. Then, only a few years later, it seemed like that tradition exploded here in So. Cal. and now it's very commonplace to see houses all decked out for Halloween.

I was going to ask you what your Collegeville costume/character was, but it sounds like you don't remember too many details....other than the box!

I miss Gemco!!!