Thursday, October 11, 2012

Knott's 40th Halloween Haunt: Part 2 - Ghost Town

Next up in this multi-part Knott's Scary Farm series, we will be visiting the Ghost Town section of the park.

Pumpkin-headed goblins adorn the posts just inside the main entrance of the park.

Once inside the entrance, guests are greeted by these four characters.

The sun hasn't quite set yet, but fog is already being pumped into the streets and the monsters have started roaming around.

This guy is angry because he was stuck on Windseeker for three hours!

This one is just waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting guest.

Awwwww.....he found a friend!

This bride had a red glowing "beating" heart that was visible through her dress.....just like Disneyland's Haunted Mansion bride used to have! Unfortunately, the heart is not showing up in this photo.

Here are some random Ghost Town "monsters."

The Scarecrow:

The Little Old Lady:

Jack Nicholson:

I haven't come up with a name for this guy yet.

This group was hiding in the fog in front of Goldie's Place.

Last year, I did a Haunt post showing some of the various skeletons that were posed throughout Ghost Town. Here's one that is hanging out near Judge Roy Bean's place this year.

And this one was sitting on the Butterfield Stagecoach overpass.

This guy was actually hanging out UNDERNEATH the overpass and surprising guests that were passing by.

One of the Ghost Town walk-through mazes is "Terror Of London." The park map gives this description of the maze, "Encounter Jack the Ripper in the dense London Fog."

Here are a couple of Knott's publicity pics of the interior of the maze......minus the monsters!

Another Ghost Town Maze is, "Pinocchio Unstrung" which is set up inside the old Jeffries Barn/Wilderness Dance Hall structure.

The description in the park map states, "Denied his one wish, Pinocchio unleashes his revenge."

This scary Pinocchio marionette hangs over the entrance to the maze. A similar marionette is currently on display in the new 40th Halloween Haunt Museum.

Pinocchio himself can be found hanging around outside the entrance, terrorizing guests with a sharp pointy object!

Here are a few Knott's publicity pics showing the interior of the maze.

The Calico Log Ride has been converted into, "The Evil Dead." A remake of the 1981 movie is due to be released in 2013 by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The park map gives this description of the attraction, "Discover a book of the dead and summon dormant demons living in the Log Ride."

And here is that book of the dead.

This guy is possessed! Billy Campbell, is that you?

Later in the evening, we had a chance encounter with him as he left his post in the Log Ride.

These next two figures can be found hanging around outside the Calico Mine Train.

The Mine Train has not been given a special name this year for the Haunt. A prerecorded soundtrack has been added though, as well as some minimal decor. The Green Witch has taken up residence inside the mine.....

....along with some other inhabitants.

For their 40th Halloween Haunt, Knott's has brought back the traditional "witch hanging" show ("The Witching Hour"). The gallows can be seen here on the far right side of the Calico Square stage.

Also performed on that stage is "The Hanging Games," which is this year's traditional lampooning of pop culture. The victims include Snooki and her baby, Obama and Romney, Facebook's Timeline, and the Mayan calendar (and a whole lot more). Ultimately, Kristen Stewart is designated as the top "celebrity offender" of the year for being "a horrible actress and for cheating on Robert Pattinson." She is hanged by the neck while wearing a Snow White dress.....the "Disney" version of the Snow White dress!

I will leave you for now with this image of the Green Witch. In addition to being found in the Calico Mine Ride, she can be seen roaming the park AND she also appears in her very own maze this year. We will take a look at that maze in my next post!


outsidetheberm said...

Great shots! Wonder if anyone's tried to document the various street monsters they've created over the years...

Snow White Archive said...

Those are some terrific pics Tokyo! Great coverage...even Kristen Stewart. :)

Knott'sAfterDark said...

Excellent monster photos!

Major Pepperidge said...

The mazes look pretty cool. One podcast gave the Halloween Haunt a surprisingly bad review, but I've always wanted to check it out.

...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

Ugh.... I don't know how you're able to do all this, but I'm very jealous. There are videos too, yes..? :-)

TokyoMagic! said...

OTB, Good question! I was trying to get photos of all of the monsters I saw, but it's difficult because they are usually moving quickly through the crowd. And then there is the fog that gets in the way of taking decent pics!

Thanks KAD....I had so much fun going with you this year! SWA, I thought you might like the "Kristen Stewart" pic.

Major, I'm wondering who it was that gave it the bad review. I hadn't been in years and I had a much so that I went back multiple times!

BIWATW, I wish you could have joined us. Maybe next year I will try twisting your arm a little harder. I didn't shoot any videos, but KAD did and I think she will be sharing them once she can sort through all her photos and video.