Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Haunted Mansion!

And more pins! Here is the pin that I was purchasing on Disneyland's 55th birthday that led to my discovery of the special limited pins featured in my Art Corner post from last month. This pin is a copy of the roadside billboard that advertised the opening of the Haunted Manison back in 1969. I know I have a photo of the actual billboard somewhere, but I have searched high and low through my computer files and can't find it!

Here's a set of five pins featuring the Haunted Mansion's changing portraits. I wish they had included the original April-December portrait in the set instead of the newer Master Gracey portrait that replaced it (The Master Gracey portrait is original to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion and wasn't added to Anaheim until 2006.)

When exposed to black light, these pins/paintings change to their alternate versions. Disney is selling a mini blacklight flashlight that clips onto the back of a bat-shaped lanyard medallion.

You might recognize the bat from the queue posts inside the Haunted Mansion.


Darrin.. said...

SO AWESOME!! I'd LOVE me one of those pin sets with the black light pen!!

Now... if only they'd sell full size paintings that would change images every 6 seconds or so.. I'd be first in line to get em'!!

Dan Alexander said...

The Haunted Mansion has some of the best merchandise ever---that bat is especially awesome!