Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tokyo DisneySea - 9th Anniversary

Today, Tokyo DisneySea is celebrating it's 9th anniversary. In honor of the anniversary, we will take a brief look at each of the park's lands/ports.

First up is Mediterranean Harbor. These buildings are actually located on a bridge over a waterway that runs around the entire park.

In this next photo, the structure on the far right is the Hotel Mira Costa, which has guest rooms that overlook Mediterranean Harbor. The building with the tower contains a wedding chapel (Chapel Mira Costa) on the second floor that is accessed through the hotel. On the ground level is a glassware shop (Nicolo's Workshop) and a stationary store (Il Postino Stationary). Both of these shops are located inside the park.

Next, we have the American Waterfront. I have posted pics in the past of the New York section of this area, but these next two pics show the Cape Cod section. And yes, that is a volcano (Mount Prometheus) rising up behind a New England town!

After climbing to the top of these steps, guests can get a view of Tokyo Bay.

This is the Arabian Coast section of the park. These marketplace streets contain shops, restaurants and some games of skill and chance.

The domed structure off in the distance is the top of the two-story Caravan Carousel.

Now we are in Mysterious Island. This close-up shot of Captain Nemo's submarine was taken while sailing by on a Tokyo DisneySea Transit Steamer.

I've mentioned before that Mysterious Island is completely surrounded by rockwork. This is a tunnel that leads from Mysterious Island over to the Port Discovery section of the park.

Here's a shot of the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull, which is located in the Lost River Delta.

This seaplane can be found parked along the shore. The land behind it remains undeveloped, but I do wonder if this area will be used in the future for park expansion. I happen to like it just the way it is...sort of like the undeveloped back portion of Disneyland's Rivers of America.

Across the river from the Indiana Jones attraction is Miguel's El Dorado Cantina.

Next we have some architecture from Port Discovery, which is sort of the "Tomorrowland" of Tokyo DisneySea. Below, is the Horizon Bay Restaurant.

This tower is located next to the DisneySea Electric Railway station.

Last but not least, we have Mermaid Lagoon.

Most of Mermaid Lagoon is located indoors. This photo was taken while standing just inside the entrance and looking out.

A closer look at those arches reveals that they are covered in tile.

And an even closer look shows that there are characters from the "Little Mermaid" stamped into the tile.

I have mentioned previously that both of the Tokyo Disney parks celebrate their anniversaries every year and that a special logo is designed for each one. Below is the logo that was used last year for DisneySea's 8th anniversary. I have not yet seen the logo that will be used this year for the 9th anniversary.

To view the logos that were designed for Tokyo DisneySea's first seven anniversaries, click here Tokyo DisneySea logos.

Happy Anniversary, Tokyo DisneySea!


Davelandweb said...

Chris - This is probably the closest I'll get to TokyoSea - thanks for the pics! Hope you are able to make it back out there this year.

Thufer said...

Wonderful set of pictures...TY.

Sea Plane in the undeveloped area:Did you notice the lettering on the side? I'm thinking a 'Lucas' tie in coming and/or at least an Indiana ride!
Exiting park that I too, will never get too in reality.

Thufer said...

Edit: OK, there is an Indiana attraction already! Interesting, well, in that case I agree, leave it as is. The plane is a nice Disney Detail.

TokyoMagic! said...

Thanks Dave, I'm hoping to go back next month....we'll see.

Thufer, I never noticed the lettering on the plane! Yes, obviously one of those Disney/Lucas nods. I guess I should pay more attention to those kind of details.

outsidetheberm said...

How many times have you been now, Chris? And when's the best time to visit?

Major Pepperidge said...

Boy, I'd love to go to TDS someday. Very nice photos... where are the crowds and long lines? It looks pleasantly empty!

TokyoMagic! said...

Ken, I've been to Tokyo seven times now. There is almost no "off season" for those parks, but I try to avoid going on the weekends since they are much busier. I like going around Halloween or Christmastime because they do so much decorating and they also do parades and stage shows for both holidays. This past year they even did an Easter parade and show.

Major, I think these were taken on my last visit and the crowds were surprisingly light....especially at Tokyo DisneySea. For some reason, TDS never seems to get as crowded as Tokyo Disneyland does.

Dan Alexander said...

I have got to visit the Tokyo Disney Resort someday! I love all the detail work like the Little Mermaid tiles. Great "plussing" there!

TokyoMagic! said...

Dan, I hope you get to go there someday! Yes, TDS has PLENTY of "plussing". The same year that TDS opened in Japan, we got California Adventure here in the U.S....unfortunately with plenty of "minus-ing"!