Thursday, October 2, 2008

Port Discovery

Port Discovery is situated on the edge of Tokyo DisneySea and offers a nice view of Tokyo Bay (that's a real boat way off in the distance in the photo above). The only thing separating this area of the park from Tokyo Bay is a faux sea wall with faux flood gates.....and a strip of land on the other side. Since the land on the other side cannot be seen, the illusion here is that the bay is a natural continuation of the water inside the park and that it is truly being held back by the gates and wall. In fact, there is even water spewing from the crack between the gates that adds to that illusion. The attraction above is Aquatopia, a trackless automatically piloted boat ride with vehicles that move forward, backward, spin around......and never follow the same route as the boat ahead of them.

The structure above houses StormRider. This attraction uses simulator technology to take guests into the eye of a hurricane aboard an "advance flying weather laboratory". The in-cabin effects include portholes on the doors of the simulator that offer views of what's going on to the sides of the vehicles, as well as panels, hoses and electrical wires that fall and dangle overhead during the flight.

The DisneySea Electric Railway has a station located here in Port Discovery. It's other station is located in the American Waterfront area and can be seen by clicking here . The fish-shaped submersible in the photo below is one of several watercraft docked in this futuristic seaport. The DisneySea guide actually describes this area as "a port that is located across the horizons of time"

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A wall crack spewing water. AMAZING!!!