Friday, September 4, 2009

Tokyo DisneySea - 8th Anniversary

Today, Tokyo DisneySea is celebrating it's 8th anniversary. The park opened back in 2001 at an estimated cost (according to Wikipedia) of over 4 billion dollars. That's $4,000,000,000!!!! Just for comparison, Disney's California Adventure opened only 7 months earlier at an estimated cost of 600 million dollars. I will save my comments about THAT park for another post (and they won't be pretty....but hey, neither is that park!) For now, let's celebrate what just might be Disney's most incredible theme park ever...Tokyo DisneySea!

I mentioned in a previous post how both of the Disney parks in Tokyo celebrate their anniversaries every year. A new logo is designed each year and then featured on merchandise throughout the parks. (Here in the U.S., we only seem to get that every five years when the anniversary ends in "0" or "5." )

The logos posted here today are from the park's first seven anniversaries.

These same graphics were used on buttons, key chains, hats, mugs, plates, pins, postcards, stationary, stickers, etc.

The 5th anniversary was extra big with even more merchandise available. A special theme song titled, "Sea of Dreams" was even written for the occasion and available for purchase on CD.

The 7th anniversary is the last one that I have any merchandise for. I have not yet seen what the logo looks like for the 8th anniversary.

To see photos from Tokyo DisneySea including descriptions of each of the different lands/ports, click here: Tokyo DisneySea.

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