Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas in Tokyo Toontown

It's Christmastime at Tokyo Disneyland! Last year we took a look at some of their Christmas decorations, but we never made it into Toontown. Today, we will venture into "The Land That Toons Built."

First up, we have a shot of the entrance.

Next, we have the Jolly Trolley with a big bow on the roof. Tokyo's Jolly Trolley attraction actually closed permanently in April of this year. :-(

This car is parked in a no parking zone. We know it's a no parking zone because of the three dimensional sign showing a red circle and a slash....with a miniature car literally hanging off the slash!

The previous three photos each have Halloween companion pics. For a seasonal comparison, click (here).
All of the street lamps...and even this traffic signal, get decorated for Christmas.

Small seasonal touches are also added to the Roger Rabbit fountain in the downtown section of Toontown.

Wacky Christmas garland is hung over the streets.

Out in the residential district, Minnie's house gets decorated.....

....and Goofy has a Christmas tree made out of umbrellas on his front lawn.

Donald has a pretty large stocking hanging off the bow of his ship. His wish list for Santa includes a fishing pole, ice skates, model airplane, portable radio, diver's watch, movie camera, golf clubs, television, and a sports car. Oh, is that all?

Chip and Dale even get dressed up for the occasion!

To see holiday decor from other areas of Tokyo Disneyland, click here: Christmas In Tokyo Disneyland. And here: Christmas On Main Street.


Davelandweb said...

So what's the deal with the trolley? Too bad they don't work in either Tokyo or Anaheim. They deserve to be more than just a photo-opp.

Dan Alexander said...

Very nice!

When I was at Disneyland in line for Roger Rabbit, I kind of wondered if kids today even know who Roger is---he used to be everywhere, but seems rare now.

Chris Merritt said...

Neat! Wish I could go to TDS for Christmas!

Since you showed interest earlier, I just wanted to let you know that the website to promote my upcoming book is now live.

Hope you enjoy it!

TokyoMagic! said...

Yes, I am definitely looking forward to your book, Chris. Thank you for the link to your site. You have some great Knott's photos! I can never get enough of Knott's Berry Tales...and that photo of the model is incredible!

TokyoMagic! said...

Oh, and Dave, I'm not sure why the Jolly Trolley either park. I've never heard anyone give a reason, but I'm guess it's due to cost. Doesn't it always come down to money?

And Dan, weren't they considering a Roger Rabbit sequel at one point? I'm not sure if kids today know who he is or not. Then again, I wasn't too sure who Mr. Toad was all those years of going to the park as a kid. I didn't see "The Wind In The Willows" until I was older.

outsidetheberm said...

Nice post! Always enjoy your photographic journeys through the Tokyo park. Thank you.