Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Knott's Berry Farm - Windseeker Update & Video

It's time for another Windseeker update! I stopped by Knott's Berry Farm today after work. As I approached the park, I could see Windseeker spinning around up in the air. Unfortunately, it turned out that they were just testing the attraction with employees as riders. I shot some video of one of the test runs and I've posted it below, but before we take a look at that video, here are two photos that were taken just last week. You can compare these pics to my construction photos that were taken from the exact same angles by clicking here: Windseeker Up The Wazoo!

This next photo gives us a little closer view.

And here's a closer look at the fountain that I mentioned in my earlier post. I'm glad Cedar Fair saved this piece of Knott's history!

I'm reposting the vintage postcard of the fountain for comparison.

And now, here is that video. Try not to get dizzy!


Allen P said...

Nice video, I've heard that the light show this puts on at night is really worth seeing. I guest I'm going to have to stay alittle later one of these days to see the light show because I don't plan on riding it.

TokyoMagic! said...

Thanks, Allen P! There is some nighttime footage of Windseeker available on YouTube. Personally, I think it looks pretty cool at night.....but I wonder what the neighbors think?

Major Pepperidge said...

I'd ride it, but have to admit that the height of the thing would make me a bit nervous! Still, imagine the views; once you got up there and used to it, I'll bet it would be pretty cool.

A Snow White Sanctum said...

Excellent video Tokyo. That is really up there!!! Like the Major said, the height would make me nervous, but I'd definitely try it at least once. :)

Dan Alexander said...

If I rode this, I'd have to close my eyes, which I guess would defeat the purpose of the ride.

The classic 1980s movie "Summer School" (featuring Knott's Berry Farm) was on TV last night!

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I'd ride it too, but I think I'll be a little nervous about being that high up. I wonder what their backup plan is if the apparatus gets stuck up there? Maybe the Buena Park fire department comes with 300 ft. ladders?

SWS, I would also try it at least once.

Dan, I'll keep my eyes open, but if it freaks me out, then I just won't go on it again. I still haven't seen that movie!