Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome to Orange County!

Recently, while driving to Disneyland on the 5 freeway, I noticed a new sign being erected at the Orange County line. This is the part of the 5 freeway that is currently being widened. The Knott Avenue off ramp is just to the right of those two Porta Potties. And if we were to turn our heads to the left, we would see the old NABISCO building (if it were still standing, of course). Please forgive the dirty windshield that I was taking the picture through!

On the close-up below, I've placed two circles in the area where Japanese Village and Deer Park used to sit many years ago. In the mid-seventies, it became Enchanted Village, and then was unfortunately replaced with an industrial park a couple years after that. I plan on doing a post on Japanese Village in the not too distant future.

Rest in peace, Fuji in peace!

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outsidetheberm said...

Looking forward to your Japanese Village post!