Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monsters in Tomorrowland! - Part 1

On April 15th, 2009, Tokyo Disneyland celebrated their 26th Anniversary with the opening of their new Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek! attraction. This Tomorrowland attraction sits in the same spot as the former carousel theater attraction, "Meet The World." For information and a photo of that attraction building as well as construction photos of the new attraction, ( click here).

The new Monsters Inc. attraction was unveiled after a short dedication ceremony that was open to invited guests only. This ceremony was held on the east side of World Bazaar's Center St. which serves as one of several entrances into Tomorrowland.
At park opening however, the general public was directed past this Tomorrowland entrance and into the Plaza where the Fastpass line began. Just fifteen minutes after park opening and the end of this line was already in front of Adventureland.....just for a Fastpass!
We can't even see the attraction's building from this point.

After moving forward a few steps, we can now see the building way off in the distance. It's the yellowish-beige (ugh!) building to the left of the domed building.

Cast members are posted along the way to answer questions. Check out the cast member costume.

We are getting closer. At least now we are in Tomorrowland.

We're there!

The sign shows the wait in the "Standby" line to be five and a half hours! I really don't know who would get into a line that was five and a half hours long, but people were.

All of the Fastpass machines at the Tokyo parks have "catchers" so the passes don't ever fall on the ground. This attraction's catcher is shaped like a tongue and the machine actually makes giggling sounds when you insert your park ticket. (They have changed the plot of the movie for the attraction....the monsters are now collecting laughter instead of screams. The front of the building reads "It's Laughter We're After.")

Well, we finally have a Fastpass and it's telling us to come back in nine hours!

Let's take a look around the area while we wait.......for nine hours! This car is parked outside the Monsters Inc. Company Store in a parking spot reserved for "Employee of the Month", Mike Wozowski.

We'll go inside the Company Store and have a look around. These door pulls are featured throughout the building.

This logo is also on the floor, just inside the store's entrance.

An employee safety poster hangs on the wall.

Also on display, are examples of employee grooming standards.

Below are examples of the "humorous odorants" mentioned on the sign above.

This little guy's name is Rocky. He's a Monsters Inc. character that was developed specifically for this attraction. He's small, but he has a VERY deep voice. He appears on a lot of the merchandise, but I really only remember spotting him once in the attraction.

Speaking of merchandise....there was a lot. I've only included a pin and a postcard from the large array of buttons, key chains, flashlights, clothing, plush, toys, etc., that was available.

The company store has an in-house television system.

Rocky's body is the shape of his helmet.

Monsters Inc. employees can receive various discounts.......

More info about job safety......

I hope everyone enjoyed Part 1 of my Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek! series. Please click here for Part 2!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hmmm, 5 1/2 hours! YIKES! TDL looks soooo clean.. The CM's also seem extra nice, clean & sharp. " yellowish-beige" was home depot having a sale on that color? I haven't seen the movie, but that color choice seems wrong. Looking forward to part 2!

TokyoMagic! said...

VDT, The cast members ARE extra nice and the park IS very clean. Those are just a couple of the reasons why I love TDL so much!