Friday, March 27, 2009

The Mickey Mouse Revue - Artwork


This is a follow-up to my series of posts on Tokyo Disneyland's Mickey Mouse Revue . In Part 1 of the series, I posted a picture of the sign above. Today's photos show closeup shots of the information and artwork on that sign. I've already quoted a couple of these captions (and posted the artwork in the next photo), but I thought the entire sign deserved to be seen up close.

The lady in the photo below is Harriet Burns, who helped create such Disneyland attractions as Storybook Land, New Orleans Square, Pirates of the Caribbean, Carousel of Progress, the Haunted Mansion, and Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln. Oh, and she designed ALL of the birds in The Enchanted Tiki Room and headed-up the creation of Santa's Village near Lake Arrowhead.

By the way, Mickey isn't the only impressive figure in this attraction. Taking into consideration that this attraction was built in 1971, I was very surprised to see how advanced the audio-animatronic figures of Alice, Snow White, Cinderella, and the Fairy Godmother were. We should have such advanced animation in the Fantasyland darkrides at Disneyland! How about ANY animation. I think Alice at DL was actually changed in recent years so that she "shifts her weight" from side to side, but how about having her move her mouth....or an arm. Is that asking for too much?

In the photo and the artwork pictured below, the two mice seated to the right of Pluto are Abner (the country mouse) and Monty (the city mouse) from the 1936 Disney cartoon short, "The Country Cousin."

Tokyo Disneyland created 25th Anniversary signs similar to this one for other opening day attractions including Small World, Pirates, Mansion, Tiki Room and Space Mountain. I will try to post more of these if there is any interest out there in seeing them.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Thank you for more MMR, I sure love this attraction even though I've never seen it in person.

Regarding Alice in DL and the other dark rides at DL, it seems they just don't want too much movement. I agree about Alice, how about a wink of a wave, but no, she just sits there rocking side to side, kinda like my crazy next door neighbor!

Thanks again!

p.s. You said you had some video of the MMR, any chance we'll see a clip or two on your blog?

p.s.s. Your interior photos of MMR are amazing as were the MSEP at TDL, bravo for you talent (and patience).

TokyoMagic! said...

Hey VDT....thanks again for the kind words!

I may try to get some video posted after my next trip. I have never posted video before, but it looks like there is a limit of 100 MB. My MM Revue footage is all larger than that in size. Any suggestions?