Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Star Tours Watch Giveaway

Today, we will be continuing with a "souvenir" theme. This is a watch that was given to guests that rode Star Tours (at Disneyland in Anaheim) on it's grand opening day, back in January of 1987. Actually, Star Tours opened on January 9th and Disneyland celebrated with a 60 hour long party that ended on January 11th. I did not go to the park for the opening, but the coworker that gave me this watch said that at one point, the line for the attraction went all the way down to the Opera House in Town Square!

Be sure to check out the Star Tours "Spacesickness Bag" posted over the weekend on , Vintage Disneyland Tickets. And check out his previous posts for other incredible theme park ephemera, as well as trip reports that include fantastic "then and now" photo comparisons!


nape said...

My son is a lifelong "Trekkie," but he also loves all the Star Wars loot. I'll pass along that link so he can drool over the fun souvenirs.

Great giveaway. Thanks!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Neat Watch! 60 hour long party, wow, did people really stay for 60 hours???

Thanks for the nice words and link :-)

TokyoMagic! said...

Hey VDT! I don't know anyone else that went to that party and I can't remember if the coworker that gave this to me stayed the full 60 hours or not. I did go to the 30 hour long party for Disneyland's 30th Anniversary on July 17th, 1985, but I did NOT stay the full 30 hours!