Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter on Main St. - 1995

Today we have a photo taken inside the Market House at Disneyland in April of 1995. In the background, we can see a variety of Easter merchandise on display. The Roger Rabbit figure on the floor next to the flower cart is wearing a furry pink bunny outfit and may be the same figure seen here in a Candy Palace window display one year later. This round-shaped room has since been converted into part of The Disneyana Shop, but for years it belonged to the Market House. Some of the Market House's "party line" phones were even located just at the entrance to this room.

Here is a photo of the room as it appears today (borrowed and used with permission from the FANTASTICAL blog, Vintage Disneyland Tickets.)

At one time, this room was known as the "Birthday Cake Room." Check out Kevin Kidney's fascinating post on the history of this room here: The Birthday Cake Room

This next item is dedicated to Viewliner Ltd., who posts incredible images from the past on his blog. I'm not sure if this was a postcard or a product insert. It is undated and the back is completely blank. It is just about the size of a postcard and it's printed on similar card stock. It appears to be quite old.

Happy Easter, everyone!


Davelandweb said...

Which shop is this in? I can't place it. Love the RR mask!

TokyoMagic! said...

Hey Dave...I know you commented on this last week when I accidentally (and prematurely) published this post without text. The "mask" is just another attempt by me to protect the "innocent."