Monday, October 12, 2009

Tokyo Disneyland Goes to Hades

It's been a while since I've posted about Tokyo Disneyland, so let's take a look at our Disney neighbor from across the Pacific. First up, we have two pics of the "Hades" float from last year's Halloween Parade. This was a wonderful parade with two different versions for daytime and nighttime. The daytime version featured the Disney Villains magically appearing on the floats during the "show mode" part of the parade. The nighttime version featured the Villains on the parade floats during the entire parade and an entirely different parade soundtrack!

This is actually the back of the Hades float. I will try to get photos of the whole parade posted before Halloween. Tokyo Disneyland does a completely different Halloween parade every year. If you would like to see the entire Halloween parade from another year, click here.

I mentioned in a post last year about how adults are allowed to wear costumes into the park during the week leading up to Halloween. Here is a photo of a guest dressed up as Hades. Some of the guests costumes get so elaborate, they rival the costumes of the Disney characters that walk around the park. To view more park guest costumes click here.

This next pic shows one of last year's Halloween vignettes in the Plaza. It's a ghost with a "Hades" face tormenting poor Goofy. I have also mentioned in the past how the Halloween figures currently seen along Disneyland/Anaheim's tram route are from Tokyo Disneyland's Plaza circa 2005. Tokyo reuses some of the figures from other areas of the park each year, but the Plaza figures are always new every year. I wish Anaheim would get all of Tokyo's old figures every year! (To see Plaza vignettes from other years....including the ones now used at Disneyland, click here.)

Tokyo Disneyland also decorates their Fantasyland, Toontown, Westernland (Frontierland) and World Bazaar (Main St.) for Halloween. To see Halloween decorations from all of these other "lands," click here.

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